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How can WRS help me acquire new customers on a steady basis?
How do you know WRS Members generate more referrals in WRS than any other group they belong to?
How can I become a WRS Member?
What services does WRS Offer?
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How can WRS help me acquire new customers on a steady basis?
  1. WRS is a One-Stop-Shop for business owners and professionals in private practice who are seeking to create a steady stream of new customers. Having served 70,000 members over the past 30+ years, we have offered a variety of Networking Events as well as state-of-the-art Marketing and Advertising Services that have helped many to reach their dream of creating successful businesses. By providing busy business owners or professionals in private practice with the forum, methods, tools and hands on marketing support, they discover they can, in fact, continually grow their customer base in a cost effective, time efficient manner, regardless of economic conditions. These services have a proven track record. Don’t take our word for it, click here for “What Our Members Say”.
  2. Depending on their goals, some Members choose to just “Actively” network. Others pick and choose the WRS “Passive” advertising and marketing services. Our passive services are designed for those who are too busy or not inclined to network so they too can create new business referrals through WRS without taking time away from their busy schedule. However, many Members choose a combination of both. Whichever you choose, you can count on WRS to assist you with creating a comprehensive, consistent, and effective marketing strategy designed to create a steady stream of new business referrals so you can reach your ‘new’ customer goals.
How can I become a WRS Member?
  1. Speak to a WRS Marketing Consultant who is qualified to help you determine which services would be right for you and your business. Please click here for WRS’ contact information and request to speak with one of our experienced Marketing Consultants.
  2. Once you make the decision about which services best suit your business needs and place your order, you will then be asked to complete a simple but effective application process. You will be asked to provide 3 references we can contact to vouch for your character and business ethics. This WRS application process ensures consumers can trust WRS Members when they are buying a product, hiring a service, or making a referral to family or friends. Think about it. You would never refer a loved one to someone you did not trust. This pre-approval process is an essential key component in generating an abundance of referrals in a prosperous networking group. Additionally, loyal consumers use the services of our Members, and have for years, rather than searching blindly through the Internet or in the phone book full of unknown people providing who knows what type of quality or service. A WRS Marketing Consultant, upon request, can explain further details with regard to the WRS application process.
How do you know WRS Members generate more referrals in WRS than any other group they belong to?
  1. Our unique networking method. Anyone can give a referral when asked “Do you know someone who?” However, included with your WRS Membership is the WRS Networking Orientation Seminar where WRS outlines our unique 30+ years proven method about how to effectively listen for referral opportunities beyond the obvious. This technique is responsible for Members becoming each other’s referral team, referring new customers who “actually culminate into real customers.” This method is focused on at every WRS Networking Event. Therefore, referrals circulate abundantly without imposing the ineffective ‘requirement’ Members exchange bogus leads that go nowhere. WRS Members give referrals often and give them freely because they genuinely care about each other’s success. While it would be an honor to have you in our organization, we can honestly say that if you are not a team player and do not truly care about the success of others, then WRS is probably not the right organization for you!
  2. We are more than just a networking organization. While networking can be a very vital part of your marketing strategy, every business should have a comprehensive marketing strategy comprised of several strategies working together. WRS not only helps you create a customized and cost effective strategy for your business, but we can also implement your marketing for you.
  3. All WRS Members are Pre - Qualified before they are approved and receive the WRS Seal of Approval. Our Members tell us because of this standard they feel confident referring their valued clients, customers and loved ones to other WRS Members and do so often.
  4. All WRS Members are required to uphold the principle of doing business honestly, honorably, ethically, and with integrity. In order to ensure all WRS Members honor this principle, the WRS Ethics Committee oversees the ethical conduct of those participating in our organization.
  5. WRS has no lead requirements and no penalty fees. We have proven that if you create a system of support between Members and show them effective ways to generate referrals for each other, they will give referrals generously, willingly and often.
  6. No restrictions about how many organizations you belong to. Our members tell us more referrals circulate in WRS than any other group they have ever belonged to and soon find WRS is the only organization they need to generate ‘new’ business.
  7. Don’t take our word for it. Ask our WRS Members yourself. Click here to see a list of WRS Members who welcome anyone calling them to ask about how WRS has helped to generate a steady stream of new business for them.